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Infrared Satellite


Water Vaper Satellite


Visible Satellite

NOAA weather satellite images can play a very important part in forecasting severe weather. Before the chase day they can show trof/ridge trends in the mid levels of the atmosphere, as well as vapor trends. Visible weather satellite images can be very important the day of a chase by often showing the location of surface boundares that may be too weak to show up on radar. Outflow boundaries, fronts and drylines, all of which can play a significant role on chase day, very often can be seen on a visible weather satellite image. Water vapor satellite images can be very helpful in showing dry air intrusion above the surface into the target area as well. It's just one of the many pieces of the severe weather forecasting puzzle that can make a chase day successful!
High Resolution regional satellite images and loops, which are often preferred by Storm Chasers can be seen here.

These links from the Colorado State University Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere Atmospheric Radiation Measurement are great for using the day of the chase, although they can tax a cellular modem connection because of their size.

GOES WEST and EAST are two additional favorites now. Thanks to Steve Miller for letting me know about those..

PLEASE NOTE: These images and links come from the Geostationary Satellite Server. They do not consider this server and data "operational". They do not guarantee availability or timely delivery of data and the server should not be used to support operational observation, forecasting, emergency, or disaster mitigation operations, either public or private. These images and links are provided here for convenience and educational purposes only.


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